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Lanín - Tromen Area: Huechulafquen and Epulafquen Lakes, Lahuen Co thermal springsOutdoors

Huechulafquen and Epulafquen Lakes, Lahuen Co thermal springs

Yor will reach the place by taking the Provincial Road Nº 61, eventhough the road is not paved, it is in good conditions throughout the year. The circuit borders Huechulafquen Lake, until reaching Paimún Lake and Puerto Canoas

Duration: One day

Distance: 95 kms

Enabled: Summer, Autumn, Spring

Description tour: Huechulafquen and Epulafquen Lakes, Lahuen Co thermal springs

Navigating Huechulafquen and Epulafquen Lakes

From Puerto Canoas a boat invites tourists to navigate through the beautiful Epulafquen Lake (in Mapuche language it means 'two lakes') where you will be able to enjoy a volcanic crater almost on the lake's coast.


The Escorial, a product of the eruption of Achen Ñiyeu volcano occurred 400 years ago, and it appears as a peninsula of volcanic lava which divides Epulafquen Lake in 2 parts.


Going past this attractive geographical spot you will reach Puerto Encuentro in the Valdivian Jungle. After going past Carilafquen Lake 4 kilometres further, you will reach the thermal springs.


Lahuen-co, Epulafquen Springs (also accessible by land along Lolog area)

The tour culminates with the thermal springs when you reach Lahuen-co Epulafquen Springs, a privileged place due to its natural environment, which offers visitors many options to enjoy a day .

Within the Thermal Park you can have access to natural thermal baths and walk along a path which has got 20 natural wells distributed among a dense forest of Colihue canes, sorrounded by a wild amazing beauty.



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